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Bollards Policy

Beginning in April 2024 the Caltech Security Department will implement updated procedures for vehicle access at the locked metal bollards located at the key entry points around the perimeter of campus. These procedures may impact deliveries, vendors, and other vehicles attempting to enter the interior of campus.

Vehicle access through the located bollards will need to be coordinated through the Caltech Security Office. Deliveries and vendor access can be arranged in advance by emailing Security at:, or calling the Security Dispatch Office at (626) 395-4701.

The updated access control procedures are as follows:

  1. The campus bollards will be re-keyed. Only authorized campus personnel will have keys to the bollards.
  2. Bollard keys will be provided to campus stakeholders, such as DOOs, maintenance crews, grounds crews, construction project managers, etc., who may have an ongoing need to access bollard locations.
  3. Signs will be posted at bollard locations with the campus security telephone number in case assistance is needed.
  4. Authorized vehicles entering or exiting campus will be required to replace and lock the bollard once the vehicle has passed through.
  5. Bollards that are left unlocked will be secured by campus Security Officers.
  6. Delivery drivers, service providers, and other vehicles that need to pass through a bollard location will need to contact Security to be let through the bollard.
  7. Scheduled deliveries can be arranged in advance by contacting campus Security.

The above procedures are being implemented because in recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of vehicles driving on the interior of the Caltech campus. In addition to being unsightly, the increase in vehicle traffic can also cause congestion and safety issues on the campus walkways. The updated access control procedures are part of an effort to promote safety and create a better experience for campus users.