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Caltech Bicycle Program

Qualified members of the Caltech community can join the Bicycle Commuter Program and receive four free daily parking permits each month to use in case they need to bring a vehicle onto Campus. Submit your completed Biker Registration Form to apply for the program.

Caltech Secured Bikecage

Caltech has a secure bike storage unit in the Holliston Parking Structure. It has camera coverage and swipe card access with 16 designated bike parking spaces. If you would like to become a user please contact Todd Swart in the transportation office at or (626)395-5989 to get signed up, submit the annual fee $50.00, and add the access to your ID card. Since we are guaranteeing a secured bike parking space, the number of users is limited.

Please visit the following links for tips on traveling safely on public streets, bicycle repair, and more: