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Public Transit

Caltech Monthly Subsidies

Caltech staff, students, and faculty are eligible to receive a $100 per month subsidy on the purchase of any public transit pass. Certain monthly transit passes can be purchased on-site at the Caltech Store at the subsidized rate. Individuals who purchase a monthly transit pass elsewhere can obtain their subsidy by presenting their pass and Caltech ID to our offices at 515 S. Wilson within 30 days of the expiration date of the pass.

Caltech U-Pass for students

Metro’s Universal College Student Transit Pass (Metro U-Pass) program upgrades your existing Caltech student ID to a transit pass. The Metro U-Pass works just like a TAP card. It’s valid on any of the other 23 transit systems throughout Los Angeles County that accept TAP cards.

To qualify for the Metro U-Pass program, you must be an enrolled undergraduate carrying eight or more units, or an enrolled graduate student carrying six or more units. To purchase your Metro U-Pass:

  1. Complete required Metro Registration survey located at
  2. Bring proof of survey completion and Caltech UID to the Parking office (515 S. Wilson Ave) to obtain U-Pass sticker.
  3. Go to Bookstore to activate the U-Pass at the CPOS machine.

For additional details contact Todd Swart at

Public Transit Lines

Below is a brief description of the various public transit lines that service the Los Angeles Area:

  • Metro Gold Line: The Gold Line connects from the city of Azusa in the east to Downtown LA, running right through the heart of Pasadena. Pasadena bus #10 connects the Gold Line to the Caltech campus
  • Metro Red Line: Connects from North Hollywood to Downtown LA's Union Station. At Union Station, riders can pick up the Gold line to get to Pasadena
  • Metro Expo Line: Connects from Santa Monica to 7th street Metro Center in Downtown LA.
  • Metro Blue Line: Connects from Long Beach in the south to the 7th street Metro Center in Downtown LA.
  • Metro Bus lines: Metro Bus lines service the entire LA area.
  • More info about the Metro lines and a trip planner can be found at
Pasadena Transit:
  • Local bus lines that run throughout the city of Pasadena. Pasadena Route #10 runs between Caltech and the Gold Line Allen Station. System Map.
  • Route schedules and more information can be found at the Pasadena Transit website
Foothill Transit:
  • Local bus service that operates throughout the San Gabriel Valley. Service area map
  • From San Bernardino in the east, Oxnard in the west, Lancaster in the north, and Oceanside in the south, Metrolink connects LA commuters to broader Southern California.

For more information on transit lines, schedules, transfers, and subsidies, printed materials are available at ERIC in the Keith Spalding building or at our offices at 515 S. Wilson.

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