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Parking and Commuter Services

Caltech is pleased to announce the launch of a new ridematching platform for Caltech commuters. Using, caltech personnel can find carpool partners, as well as biking or walking partners in their area. For more information please click here.

For information on parking during the slow and safe expansion of on-campus operations, please click here

For information on our new Telework parking program, please click here

Caltech personnel can now receive a Free Metro Pass that is valid for unlimited rides on all Metro bus and rail lines, as well as many local bus systems including Pasadena Transit

Click here for instructions on how to apply for the pass

Incentives and Benefits

The goal of Caltech's Rideshare Program is to reduce the total number of vehicle trips made to campus by Caltech faculty, staff and students. This goal serves the California clean-air effort and reduces congestion on campus and the surrounding community.

Parking and Commuter Services offers a range of programs and services to Caltech faculty, staff, and students. Below are the benefits and incentives available to commuters effective January 1st, 2020. For a comparison of the current vs upcoming incentives, please see the incentive comparison table.

Parking and Commuter FAQs


  • 50% discount on parking permit
  • 4 days of free parking per carpool passenger
  • Preferred parking spot on campus


  • $100 monthly subsidy per person
  • 6 days of free parking per month per vanpooler
  • Access to Caltech's gas station and bulk pricing discount
  • Preferred parking spot on campus

Public Transit

  • Free Metro Pass
  • $100 monthly subsidy toward Metrolink pass
  • Transit passes for sale at the Parking and Commuter Service office (Metrolink passes must be purchased at a Metrolink station)
  • 4 free days of parking per month per registered public transit commuter*


  • 4 days of free parking per month per registered cyclist*


  • 4 days of free parking per month per registered walker*

Guaranteed Ride Home

  • Anyone enrolled in the above programs is eligible for one free taxi ride per quarter from Caltech to their home.

*The Biker/Walker/Public Transit programs are available to members of the Caltech community who are actively engaged in bicycling, walking, or public transit as their primary means of commuting. Commuter, Carpool, and Reserved permit holders are not eligible for the Biker or Walker incentive programs