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September 28, 2016 12:00 AM

New Program for students at Caltech. Get around for less with Metro U-Pass!

Metro’s Universal College Student Transit Pass (Metro U-Pass) program upgrades your existing Caltech student ID to a transit pass.

To qualify for the Metro U-Pass program, you must be an enrolled undergraduate carrying eight or more units, or an enrolled graduate student carrying six or more units.

Once you have purchased a Metro U-Pass, you’ll receive a sticker featuring smart-chip technology to place on your Caltech student ID. It’s good for unlimited rides on all Metro Rail and bus lines for the entire semester.

Your Metro U-Pass works just like a TAP card. It’s also valid on any of the other 23 transit systems throughout Los Angeles County that accept TAP cards.

 To purchase your Metro U-Pass:

1.  Complete required Metro Registration survey  located at

2.  Bring proof of survey completion and  Caltech UID to the Parking office (515 S. Wilson Ave)  to purchase U-Pass sticker.

3.  Pay  appropriate  U-Pass fee of  $85. The pass will be valid from Sept. 19 through January 23,2017. (Rates are subsidized by Metro,  Caltech Parking and Commuter Services. No refunds will be issued)

4.  Go to Bookstore to activate the U-Pass at the CPOS machine.