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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of enforcement for the parking regulations?

  • Permit regulations are enforced Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  There is no charge for parking outside of these hours.  Red zones, fire lanes, handicapped spaces, and certain marked reserved spaces are enforced 24 hours


I work at Caltech, but I am actually employed by another company.  How will I be able to purchase a permit?

  • If you do not receive a paycheck from Caltech, you will have the option of purchasing a quarterly or yearly permit.  Payment for this permit must be made in full at the time of purchase.  Weekly permits are also available at the automated pay stations.


I don't need a permit now, but I may need one later in the year.  Will I be able to purchase a permit mid year?

  • Registration for a permit may occur at any time. 


Can I pay for my permit by check if I do not want a payroll deduction?

  • Yes, payment may be made by cash or check if you do not wish to use a payroll deduction.  You will have the opportunity when you register to choose whether you would like payroll deduction.  Payments made by cash or check will not be pre-tax.


Are vehicles with handicapped permits charged to park on campus?

  • The fee to park on campus applies to all individuals, including those with a handicapped permit.  Vehicles parked in handicapped spaces must display both a handicapped permit and a valid Caltech permit


I have paid for my Caltech permit; does this mean that I am guaranteed a parking space?

  • Your Caltech parking permit authorizes you to park in the campus lots and structures.  While there is sufficient parking on campus for the majority of the Institute's needs, possession of a permit does not guarantee that there will be space available if a particular lot is full.  On most days, there is enough parking available on campus to accommodate all users.


I am in a carpool.  What happens when my carpool partner is sick or on vacation?  Will I have to buy a day pass on those days?

  • No, you will be able to park in a carpool space.  The carpool permit must be displayed.


I am in a carpool, but have to drive on my own one day because I have to leave work early.    Will I have to buy a day pass on those days?

  • The carpool will be provided a total of 6 permits per month which can be divided among the members.  The permit may be used on occasion when an individual must drive in alone due to a late arrival or early departure from the campus. 


Why is the cost of the carpool permit only $10 less than the regular permit?

  • The cost of carpool permits is shared between members of the carpool.  In a two person carpool, this brings the cost per person to $15 per month, which is less than half the cost of an individual permit.


I carpool with someone who does not work at Caltech.  Will the carpool rules be changed to accommodate this as a recognized Caltech carpool?

  • There are no plans to change this at this time.  We will be exploring this in the future with the Parking Committee.


What methods of payment are accepted at the pay stations?

  • The pay stations accept cash and credit card.


My Division/Department is hosting a large conference.  Can we get visitor permits in advance?

  • Visitor permits may pre-purchased in bulk through the Parking Office.  Contact the Parking Office at (626) 395-8877 or via e-mail at


I am a part time employee.  Will I be charged the same rate as a full time employee for a parking permit?

  • The fee for part time employees working less than 20 hours per week will be $18 per month.


What happens if my permit is lost or stolen?

  • The replacement fee for a lost permit is $50.
  • The parking office will replace stolen permits at no charge with a copy of a valid Police report.


Are the fees for the parking permits pro-rated for vacation or sick days?

  • The price of the permit is set at a flat monthly rate.  This price is for the permit itself and is not dependent on the level of use, thus the fee structure does not operate on a pro-rated basis.


Will motorcycles be charged for parking?

  • Yes, motorcycles and scooters with an engine size of 150 cc or greater are required to register.  The permit is valid for the registrant's motorcycle and automobile.  Only one of the vehicles may be parked on the campus at a time. 


I ride my bike to Caltech when the weather is good, but I like to drive during the rainy season.  Will I be able to purchase a permit for only a few months out of the year?

  • Yes, registration can occur at any time, and you may cancel your permit through the parking office.  You will only be charged for the time that the permit is active.  Weekly permits are also available at the automated pay stations.


Is there a charge for parking on the city streets?

  • There is no charge for parking on city streets near Caltech.  Parking on Caltech streets (see parking regulations) is regulated by permit and are enforced in the same manner as the campus lots.


I don't own a car.  Will parking charges be deducted from my paycheck?

  • Those individuals who do not park on campus or do not wish to purchase a permit will not be charged.


What options are available for contractors or vendors who park on campus?

  • Quarterly and yearly permits are available through the parking office.  Weekly permits are also available through the automated pay stations.


My vehicle does not fit inside the campus parking structures.  What options are available to me?

  • The first level of the parking structures has high enough clearance to accommodate most vehicles.  There is also surface level parking available on the north end of campus and near the Brown Gym.


Will I need a permit to park behind the houses on Wilson Avenue and Hill Avenue that are used as offices?

  • Permits are required in all non-residential campus lots that fall within the boundaries of the campus.  This includes the small office lots on Wilson Avenue and Hill Avenue.


My spouse works at Caltech and I have a gym membership.  What should I do for parking?

  • fifteen time-restricted spaces for athletics members who use the gym between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday are available in the B2 level of Parking Garage #3.